Right, you know how people say that change is usually for the better? 

I’ve moved around a lot in my life. As a kid, I have been to at least 13 (ish) schools (I lost count) and moved around 15 (ish) houses. My parents are both doctors; we’re not gypsies. So whenever they got a better job offer, they decided to move. 

It’s easier making friends as a small child. And I was a pretty friendly kid, so I never had trouble. The last time I changed schools was after the 11th grade. And even then it wasn’t an issue for me to make friends. Annoying, but not an issue. When I graduated, everyone told me that I would be the one that knew everyone at uni. Someone actually described me as a “social butterfly”, which is disgusting because I hate butterflies, but I get their point. 


But I came to uni and I don’t know what the hell changed. I’m in a purely medical university so we’re all doing the same course. The place I am living in doesn’t offer much in terms entertainment. There’s cinemas, food, bowling, shopping, a few water parks and whatnot (and you’re probably wondering what I’m complaining about). But how many times can we go out to eat, you know? 

In my friend group, only me and my roommate and one other guy are in dorms. The rest live off campus and we don’t really tend to go to their houses because of their families. Nothing wrong with them, but I guess it’s only been a year and I don’t really feel okay around their families yet. My point is, there isn’t really a place where we can just hang out. Our campus has a gym and a library but I’m not about to go to the library or gym for social interactions. 

So since we’re all in the same course, I have to see the same people in the same lecture every day and we’re always doing the same thing for entertainment. 

“Let’s go out to eat.”

“We went out yesterday.”

“Let’s go see a movie.”

“There’re no new ones out yet.”

“Let’s stare blankly into space whilst sitting in the sweltering heat outside the cafeteria.”


I’m not even exaggerating. 

So when I say I want new friends, I’m not being a dick and hating on my current friends. I’m close to my roommate and one other guy and they’re my go-to friends. But sometimes you just need a change of pace and a change of scenery and unfortunately this place offers neither. Partially because of the lack of resources but also because a lot of people in our year group are just hard to be friends with. I’ll go into detail in later posts. 

So I’m just dealing now with not being as social as I used to. I miss meeting new people and actually doing things that made me happy. It’s not even like this is a PROBLEM, you know? But as my friend would say, just because your problems seem to be less than someone else’s, doesn’t mean they’re not problems. 



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