50 shades of brown

There’s an advert on local television for some kind of face wash, which is endorsed by an elderly woman who normally does cooking shows. The slogan for the product is “ab gora hoga, Pakistan” which means, “now Pakistan will become fair.” Fair, as in skin colour.

In the western world (America, Europe, etc.) people spend thousands on getting a perfect summer tan. In the east, people spend thousands on making themselves look more fair and in their minds, more beautiful. Advertisements for soaps, face wash, lotions and powders all promise a future where you, the consumer, will have lighter skin, and you will therefore be more beautiful.

The problem is, these ads have become so frequent and not everyone realises how problematic are. One ad I came across had a “dark” girl who wasn’t noticed by a guy she liked. As soon as she tried the product and became “fair,” the guy noticed her.

You are telling people of all ages, from children right up to adults, that it is not okay to be the skin colour you are. You are telling them that if you are dark, you won’t be pretty, you won’t be beautiful, and you won’t be loved. Not only is it racism to the core, but also it’s brainwashing. Can you imagine being a child with an impressionable mind, being told by your favourite celebrity that it would be better if your skin weren’t the colour that it is? Can you imagine a child sitting in the bath that night, desperately scrubbing away at her face, trying to become fairer and more beautiful? There is an actual product range here called “Fair & Lovely.” Why does nobody see what’s wrong with that?

In the west, it’s a similar story. The advertisements may not be as blatant, but they carry the same message – in the opposite way. Why have pasty skin when you can have a bronze summer glow? Why not be tan and desired rather than pale and unattractive? I have a whole other issue with this because I’ve seen people be racist against those with darker skin, and then the SAME people churn out bundles of cash to get a “natural tan”.

We talk about equality, freedom and human rights, but we don’t practice what we preach. You tell your kids that everyone is equal and beautiful, yet you strive so hard to change the colour of your skin so you look good?

We might have abolished the hard-core slavery of the past, but I still racism in different forms around me everyday, and it disgusts me to my core.

It’s just something to think about – what the media is feeding into your head. If your child, friend, spouse or sibling comes up to you, asking to change something about themselves – before you agree or disagree or whatever, just remember to tell them that there’s nothing wrong with how they look, and as long as they are happy with themselves, that’s all that matters.

This is the video I was referring to. If you can’t understand it, and want to know what she’s saying, just message me. But you can get an idea from just the video of the brainwashing mentality I was talking about.



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